Encycopedia of Me Meme: V is for … Venturing Forth

Venturing into a new life…..

Today is Sunday – tomorrow someone is coming to take the washing machine (we hope) – a freebie because of its age and idiosyncratic ways. Our two lounges (sofas) and the dining room chairs ( a misnomer since we don’t have a dining room!) are being collected to be recovered while we are away.

Tuesday, the moving people come and take our very few pieces of furniture and our 150 boxes to storage. Tuesday night we move our suitcases and files and computer to Maroubra to our daughter’s place (she is in Canada at present) and sleep there until later in the week.

Wednesday, we come back here to clean up the yard and the inside. The cleaners are also coming in the afternoon to help.

Thursday, I go shopping to buy some summer clothes that fit my 15-kg-heavier-than-last-summer body. I’ll also buy a swimsuit if I can do so without looking in the mirror.

Friday, we fly to India and Thailand for 4 weeks – and while the rest of our group are out looking at the Taj mahal and other things, I intend to explore the cultural differences of massages in the East!

October 10 we return to Sydney, stay with our daughter until October 13, when we move to her sister-in-law’s (luxury, I have been told) apartment at Coogee where we will house and cat sit until October 23, when we will resume our nomadic existence until our place is finished – mid -November we have now been told, but I’m counting on Christmas.

When we do move in, we’re faced with the enormous task of again sifting and throwing out, as our new place is for over-55s – that is, on the small size. About a 50 box size! I suspect that when we get there, so much of our stuff will be so obviously unnecessary that Vinnies and the Salvos (both within walking distance) will have a bonanza.


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