P is for … Pedro

Word(s) of the Day: Those things that some people call “shrimps” are called “prawns” in Australia. “Don’t come the raw prawn with me” has nothing to do with food – it means don’t try to hoodwink me with whatever was being spoken of. It’s not a saying I use myself!

P is for Pedro, my son, six foot five, 38 years old, No. 1s over the head, widow’s peak and goatee – I hate goatees. I think he looks like a bikie! He is a gentle, caring man and father of Ms 11 and Master 7. Speaking of whom – Ms 11 applied for, and has been accepted into, one of the schools of creative and performing arts for her high schooling. She starts next year. I am delighted for her – she applied for two different places and I was worried that her self-esteem would be badly damaged if she wasn’t accepted into one – but she gained entry to both – so much for Grandma’s anxiety.

P is for plague – that flea plague is not getting any better – again, many, many hits looking for information on, and photos of – “f*l*e*a*b*i*t*e*s” – my sitemeter page comes up with all these advertisements for flea control products too. Most of the searches seem to be from the USA.


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