Encycopedia of Me Meme .. O is for ….

O is for oranges – I love juicy navel oranges, but don’t like Valencia oranges which are widely grown in Australia. When our own navels finish, I buy California navels – but I’m beginning to think about the carbon footprint now …. O is for Ohhhhhhh!

O is for the colour orange – I love it – the burnt orange kind, or the apricot kind, but not bright orange. Orange is not a colour I can wear, but I still love it.

O is for – ordinary people – like you and me – ordinary people who have extraordinary lives and talents if we bother to scratch the surface and get to know them and – if they will let us.

O is for opportunity – it’s not always to recognise an opportunity when it comes along, especially when we’re bogged down in “just living”. I don’t know whether there really is a Chinese proverb that says ” in every crisis are the seeds of opportunity” – but it is true – mostly. Crisis can make us strong if we can learn from the experience; crisis can cause us to take paths and follow directions that we may not ever have considered. I say mostly, because my heart goes out to those who are in the middle of war, famine, persecution/abuse, or suffering from a severe mental illness. Sometimes crisis is just crisis with no up side.

Carson and Roxie have both commented on some of the Australian/American language comparisons that I have been making. So each post I’ll give an idiomatic Australian word or expression for your delight (or horror!). By the way, I am spelling “Encyclopedia” that way only for the purposes of the “Encycopedia of Me Meme” We all know that the correct spelling is “encyclopaedia” don’t we? – it’s just those people from that large northen land mass who can’t spell!


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