Encycopedia of Me Meme – L is for Laughs!

I am still L for laughing about the number of hits on this blog over the last week or so. There really must be a f-l-e-a plague, especially in the USA – of the hits that I can identify, 35 of the last 48 on this blog have been searches for information on f-l-e-a b-i-t-e-s and most of those are from the USA. The Ancient One has commented that her local school in eastern NC (is that North Carolina?) has been closed because of a plague of the afore-mentioned creatures. I’m frightened to use the word as I feel quite bad that poor itchy people are being diverted from their quest. I have, in fact, much experience with those pesky, little hoppers. We have had dogs over the years and periodically would have to resort to letting off f-l-e-a bombs in the house. In fact, when my kids were younger, it was a great boredom buster to search the dogs for the unmentionables. It was always a family saying for fat little tummies after meals that “I could crack a fl** on that tummy” – the children would race around to Grandpa Flea and shout “Crack a fl**” and present their bare tummies for a tickle. It’s become a family tradition and currently little Ms 5 likes to have a fl** “cracked” on her tummy.

Roxie has asked in response to “J is for ..”, what we call the “hood” of the car – well, here we call it the “bonnet” and the “jockey box”/”glove compartment” is the “glove box”. I guess you already know that your “trunk” is our “boot”. I read a book called “Trunk Music” – “Boot Music” doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it – sounds a bit like line dancing! (i.e. boot scooting).

Which reminds me, L is also for line dancing. I tried to learn line dancing last year, but my spatially challenged brain came into operation again. Whenever we had to do the turn bit, I’d end up facing a whole room of people …. I may try it again one day, as it’s good exercise.


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