J is for ….

J is for the first initial of my only sibling’s name – Mr Mooney. He is a sweet, gentle man who lost his beloved wife to breast cancer just over eighteen months ago – she had just turned 47. They were true soulmates and Mr Mooney is, of course, still grieving. I love him dearly and wish I could make it better.

J is for June, the month of Ms 5’s birthday and her Grandma Flea’s birthday.

J is for July, the month of her Mamma’s birthday and her Grandpa Flea’s birthday. There is a nice synchronicity there.

J is also for “jumpers” – those things that Aussie’s wear in cold weather. They are called “jerseys” in the deep south of New Zealand, and I do believe that those people who speak the President’s English call them “sweaters” (I hope sweater wearers remember to bath every day!). We do have regional variations in English in Australia, maybe, just maybe, jumpers are called jerseys in South Australia, but I’m not sure. “Sweater” is becoming more common here – the pervasive nature of television is stealing our identity. I know that when I lived in Victoria as a little child, we called our swimmers “togs”, and our suitcases were “ports”. We also used an American “a” in words like “castle”. I only ever said it once in NSW. I was a quick learner! Amazing how the ridicule of your peers speeds up the ability to learn!


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