G is for GIRRRLS

Yes, little GIRRLS – what I don’t understand, is why little girls love pink? Is it because from birth, they are dressed in pink by their parents and this Grandma who should know better and promulgate non-sexist clothing, but can’t help herself (or that’s my excuse)? When I was a little girl, I loved blue – but then, I did really want to be a boy because everything I wanted to do was forbidden, because I was a girl …

Speaking of which, reminds me – in response to B is for books, Gemma commented that she always saw herself as George in the Famous Five books- now that is unfortunate, so I had to email her, and tell her that sadly, SHE can’t be George, because I AM!

Kate said that she too loved the “Coral Island” when she was a child. I spent many happy childhood hours marooned on the Coral Island with Robinson Crusoe and the Swiss Family Robinson for company – that’s when I wasn’t having midnight feasts at boarding school with all those jolly English lassies. ( I’d still like to know what breadfruit tastes like. Does anyone know?)


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