F is for Front Teeth and F is for Feet

Now we come to TEEF – oops – I mean TEETH. The other night, the shy little possum looked out of her box to see what the possum fight below was about – and for the first time I saw these cute little teeth! I hope you enjoy them too.

Yes, FEET – what can I say about them, except that whilst I am glad that I have a pair, they are a downright disappointment! When I was young(er), I LOVED shoes – quirky shoes, shoes with embellishments, goofy coloured shoes, strappy shoes …. get the picture? I went to my GP the other day, and she was wearing a pair of low heeled, peep-toe shoes, made out of red patent leather with white polka dots! I didn’t know whether to kiss her feet or rip the shoes off her and run! In the end, I settled for saying (through gritted teeth) “I love your shoes” and she said, with a HUGE smile “Aren’t they wonderful? I just HAD to have them”.

Yes, FEET. I have now entered the age group where I have to wear “orthoses” – inserts that go in your big-unfashionable-because-they-won’t-fit-in-any-other-shoes shoes. These are to correct flat feet, and bunions, achilles tendonitis and hip pain. Just add any other complaints to the list – I probably have those too … However, totally unrelated to the dreaded orthoses, I had made the decision many years ago to never wear high heeled shoes again – this was partly in response to having my consciousness raised about high heels and straight skirts being tools of the oppressive male class to hobble women, and partly in response to having fallen down the front steps when my heel caught in a crack in the concrete. Not that there aren’t wonderful flat heeled shoes – take my GP’s for instance (yes please!), but high or low, it just isn’t possible to wear those beautiful to die for shoes I regularly pass in DJ’s shoe department. Sigh…. But, if that’s the worst of my troubles, I’m doing okay.


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