E is for …..Eloise, Extra and Egg

When I was checking earlier posts to see if I had posted this before, I discovered that I have posted photos of ELOISE and Ms 11’s scarf …. twice! That’s indicative of the my state of mind at present – EXTRA stupid! The jumper above is for Ms 11. I bought the wool, Patons Vintage Hues, to do the jacket that Kate knitted in Vero, but in my haste to knit it, I automatically started doing it in the biggest size. Being lazy, I did the two sleeves first, rather than knit a tension square. When I was a few inches into the back, it became apparent that the thing was going to be HUGE. So, checked the tension – okay. Checked the pattern – right number of stitches – BUT – for once, the pattern catered for a number of larger sizes, the largest being for a 122cm bust. Now, while I am rather larger than my Avatar (I didn’t like the clothes for the fuller figured avatar!) and my hips may well hit the 122 or larger mark, I certainly don’t take that size in a jacket! So I unpulled the back, but at that point I couldn’t face reknitting the sleeves in a smaller size, so I picked another pattern in the book with a semi funnel/boat shaped neck, and knitted it for Ms 11. Fortunately, I have been told that it fits but I have yet to see it on. I like the way that the shorter rows in the sleeves give a mottled effect while the body is striped.

E is also for EGG – I have a rather ambivalent relationship with eggs – I like the chocolate kind, but am not too fussed about the other sort – and certainly not those with runny , or even moist, yolks. UGH!

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