The possum has landed ….

I have had a comment from Kathy to say that her prize has arrived, so I can now reveal the possum: I love these mugs with Australian animals and flowers, so a possum mug seemed very appropriate. There is also a piece of fabric with Australian wildflowers, some sock wool imported by Bendigo Woollen Mills, postcards from ” A Cavalcade of Fashion” – I love the embroidery detail – and a Nikki Tervo thing for your scissors so you don’t lose them all the time (mmm – wonder who does that?), which is, don’t faint, “Made in Australia”! There is a name for those things, but I can’t recall it, offhand. So, thanks again for participating, Kathy and everyone else. It was fun.

We had three kookaburra visitors this morning –

I love their fluffy chests and the beautiful blue on their wings – unfortunately the camera doesn’t do them justice.

I spent today with a very dear friend , spending her money, and shamefully, buying myself a ring. I still can’t believe I did it, but having done it, I intend to enjoy it (apart from the momentary senses of panic I get at the thought of having spent such a lot of money on myself). The woman in the jeweller’s shop assured me that I was on the cusp of a brand new life where I would acquire a wonderful collection of “jewels” – I haven’t told Grandpa Flea that this is only the beginning – ssshhhhh – not a word! he might hear!! Tomorrow – the Lyn Johnson workshop. It’s probably illegal to have so much fun in one weekend!

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