Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging ….

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging – and the jetlag from that knitting trip around the world didn’t help! But it was fun. Kathy should receive her prize soon – I only posted it last Friday (sorry, Kathy) – but there has been a lot happening. I hope you like it – a small possum is involved!

The three big Fleas accompanied by various partners and baby Fleas congregated here, recently, to work out what they wanted to take from the various pieces of furniture that won’t fit in our new, yet-to-be-completed, downsized home. It was lovely to have them all together, for the last time, in the home where they grew up. The eldest Flea was three weeks old when we moved in. The builder had gone bankrupt early in the piece, and we had lost money in the process. I was pregnant and had to work until later than we had intended and had no sooner left work than I was put to bed with toxiaemia. Meanwhile, Grandpa Flea would come home and tell me that the tiles (or whatever) we had chosen weren’t available, so “choose one of these” that the builder had given him. The builder who finished the house was a darling and let some of our friends, who were tradesmen, do the electricals and plumbing, which meant that Grandpa Flea could labour for them on holidays and weekends to save money that way. We were on a short term lease in a small flat, in a house which had been sold, so we HAD to move out just after the baby was born. Again, another darling, the bank manager, came to our aid and let us move into the house before it was painted. And then our friends came and helped do the painting. So, despite the financial hardship, we were very lucky.

But I’ve become distracted – in the process of prowling around the closed-in storage area under the house, yet another possum guest (pictured above) reared his/her head to inspect the intruders, then went quickly back to sleep – although I suspect it was operating on the principle that if it couldn’t see us, we didn’t exist!

We have had a bit of a possum party recently. One night there were two little glider possums on the feeding tray with a rather nose-out-of-joint brushtail, peering down from a higher branch. I haven’t seen this particular little glider possum before – it has a long tail like the brushtail, but is much, much smaller. I think it is a squirrel glider, but have to check it out further. Squirrel gliders are on the “vulnerable species” list.

Glider possums have a flap of skin between their front and back legs. There is different fur on the underside of the flap.If you look carefully at these photos (below on the right) you can see the edge of the flap – it looks white/cream along the side of the possum.

I haven’t cropped the first photo so you can see the difference in size between the brushtail (the large, blurry shape reaching the feeding tray on the left) and the glider (in focus on the lower right). The other little glider hid on the other side of the tree when the brushtail buzzed them off.
Our new house is taking shape – slowly. There has been a lot of rain which has delayed things, but after beginning to believe that the end of the world was nigh, with the lengthy years of drought and the water crisis, I am not complaining. We are able to stay in our present home until the very day we leave to go to India, as the new owners wanted an extension to the settlement date so that has been very fortuitous for us.

On the knitting front – I started to knit the jacket that Kate did – have a look at it on her site archive ( However, (does this sound familiar), in my haste, I knitted the two sleeves, then started the back – which was HUGE – and I’m no small person. On reading the pattern (notice I say “reading” the pattern – why didn’t I do that first!) I discovered that the biggest size (the one I started) was in fact for a much bigger bust size than I could ever hope to achieve – my spare tyre would fit, perhaps, but they don’t make bras for spare tyres! So after frogging the four inches or so of the back, I couldn’t face it again. It’s now on its way to becoming a jumper for Ms 11.

I finished one sidewinder sock from Nona’s site, but will unpull it, and do an ordinary pair as I’m not too happy with it. I had a lot of trouble with the pattern, despite every other blogger in the world saying how well written it was. It may have had something to do with the fact that I tortuously followed the instructions – “do this and that for thousands of rows” – then when I’d begin the next part, it would say “AT THE SAME TIME …” – get the picture? I’m a slow learner!!

I will put knitting photos up, next time. I have been using Grandpa Flea’s camera and have managed to destroy the download port. The photos above were read off the card at the camera shop. It appears that the damaged port is part of the ?motherboard which costs $500 to buy! So things have been what we might call “a little tense” here. However, fortunately, I can get a card reader for only a few dollars and access photos that way. As I’m the only person who uses the download to computer feature (GP Flea always does it with the card at the camera shop), it really doesn’t affect him, but it IS his camera. I will have to resurrect my smaller camera I think – but then again – his camera does take much better photos!


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