Where do you come from?

One of the things I love about blogging, is watching the amazing variety of places that people come from. It is absolutely fascinating to think that every day it is possible to communicate with people in so many different countries. So far I have noted knitters and people seeking information on fleabites (many apologies again!) from Australia, New Zealand, mainland China, Turkey, the USA of course including Hawaii, the UK, France, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Canada, somewhere at the top of India … I love visiting countries around the globe, some more so than others, and each time I look at the list of countries or the map with red dots, it brings back memories and also the desire to travel again to places that I loved, and of places so far unseen. We are going to India and Thailand later this year, but in my heart of hearts I want to live in another country for a time. Maybe after we have moved we’ll join a house swap site and have a period of time living overseas, even if only for a few weeks. It is a huge temptation when you live in Australia to cram too much into an overseas trip, because it is so far to go (and SO uncomfortable in cattle class!) and also so expensive. We travel quite a bit, but I want to live in the centre of Paris for a few weeks, in a Japanese city, in Scandinavia, in the UK and the USA, everywhere!! – will I live long enough? I’ll give it my best shot!

Please leave a comment and tell me where you come from, then I’ll look up that town in the atlas and the internet and leave a post telling you if I’ve ever visited that country, that state/area/that town or city. If you live in Australia, the name of your city/town/suburb/or area – whatever you feel comfortable with. It’s a bit frustrating looking at the pie chart from Sitemeter (above), as it only lists the last 500 hits, and only by country, and quite a few hits are from “unknown”. Between it and the Clustermap I can get a better idea. Tell me where you are! Please!! At the end of June, I’ll draw a name from a hat, and have a prize for that person – I’m not quite sure yet, what it will be – perhaps a surprise would be best! I look forward to hearing where you are from.

Oh, I’d love to know too, if you are a knitter, or looking for information on flea bites!!

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