Lesson No. 4: You can’t knit socks while you watch SBS …

SBS is our multicultural TV channel, and it has some great movies and series – most of which are sub-titled. Our current favourites are: a gory Argentinian detective series, shown late on Monday night, called ‘If the Dead Could Speak’; and our extra-favourite ‘The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey’, a Danish crime series set in Copenhagen with little sidetrips to other parts of Europe. We particularly like this show as we spent some time in Scandinavia a couple of years ago, and it’s wonderful to look at the action and recognise the places. It brings back a lot of memories.

However shows on SBS have the disadvantage, for us monolingual knitters, of being sub-titled. Grandpa Flea is very well trained now and gives me a running commentary if I’m distracted by the dropped stitch or frogging-in-progress, but I have learnt this week, after many aborted attempts (five in total!) to turn the heel on the second of my first ever pair of socks that I cannot watch SBS and do the sock thing simultaneously. This poor pair of knee length socks has already been dragged all over New Zealand, to and from various other places, been frogged once already from the ankle back up to the basque below the knee (because it is a K3 P2 rib and on my return from three weeks sightseeing in NZ I discovered many purl stitches where I had dropped back into the habit of K2 P2 – damn!) and they are looking quite old and pilled (it’s Patonyle). However, I have at last turned the heel and whilst I’m not proud of the quality of the knitting and the turn, I’m ecstatic that I have managed to do it! I think I’m about to develop a sock knitting habit. One more FO to send out into the world. I’ll add a photo to this post as soon as I can pin Grandpa Flea down long enough to wrestle his shoes and socks off so he can model them for me!

Lara has started coming to the Cherryhills knitting group, and at a recent meeting she had some hand-dyed Patonyle which looked great. I think I might have to give it a try. Lara used food dyes, and I have just bought a pile of extremely toxic looking food dyes to make cup-cakes a la Yarnstorm for the littlest Flea’s 5th birthday next weekend.


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