Fleabites apology ….

To all those people who wander onto this site through a google search for information on fleabites – please accept my apologies. I obviously have some experience with fleas – otherwise, how would I know that fleas resemble children? It is very true that if you have a flea plague – or even ONE flea – that it makes life very difficult – just when you are quietly settled down – or even when you’re fast asleep in bed – or even when you’re actively involved in doing something, your quiet/sleep/activity is bound to be interrupted by that pesky little flea – the same thing that happens when you have children or grandchildren. Unlike children and grandchildren, however, there is no up-side to fleas. They don’t give you cuddles and kisses; they don’t want to snuggle quietly on your lap; they don’t look lovingly into your eyes and say “I love you Grandma Flea” – but then again, they don’t examine your face intently and say “Grandma, when are you going to die?” or “Grandma, you need to get new teeth” (a bit difficult when you don’t have dentures).

It is possible to exterminate fleas, and we often do, while we only wish that we could put children and grandchildren into suspended animation from the time they turn thirteen until they are twenty or so and all done with the teenage rebellions.

As for fleabites – a mixture of baking soda and vinegar is a handy remedy for itching when you don’t have any proprietary stop-itch stuff around. For the other sorts of fleas, when all else fails, a video or a computer game may leave you feeling just a little bit guilty, but will give you some relief from the itching for a little while.

Good luck!


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