Meme correction …

The Knitting Curmudgeon recently gave some good links explaining the term “meme”. Until I read these, I had thought “meme” was a symptom of the current social order – ME! ME! ME! – as they all seem to be about the tagee. The word is not in the third edition of The Macquarie Dictionary (Australia’s National Dictionary) though, which makes me think it is a word originating in the internet. Maybe the links I mentioned actually say that, as I have a bad habit of only half reading things. However, to come to the subject of this post (ME!) – No. 6 of my seven random facts is something you could know about me from reading earlier posts – i.e. I have no spatial ability. So here is a replacement:

6. I learnt to knit when I was 18. The first thing I made was a bright red crew neck jumper in bluebell crepe. It had crossed and split stitches all through it but I thought I was so clever. The second thing I made was a large dark green cardigan/coat in a boucle yarn. This was my first contact with the world of intuitive knitters. One of the girls in my year of training had knitted herself this cardi/coat and lined it with a some sort of polyester satin material. I was absolutley amazed that she did this WITHOUT A PATTERN FOR THE LINING! She explained to the rest of us, that she just put the pieces of knitting down on the material and cut around them – and bingo! she had a lined cardigan. Back then, (in the olden days) it used to be VERY cold. I had a two hour journey to and from classes, with long waits for connections on windy train stations and bus stops and I was ALWAYS cold. So I followed the instructions and had a wonderful warm jacket to wear. It didn’t have any ease in the lining but I was as skinny as a rake in those days, and it was a big loose fitting garment, so it didn’t really matter. I don’t think any other piece of knitting I’ve done has ever given me the same sense of achievement.


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