Confession is good for the soul …

So, having confessed to SOME of my UFOs, I suddenly find that there are now FOs appearing – first the jacket for Ms 11 (last post) and now this – – a little baby cardi I have been knitting for my chiropracter whose baby is due any minute. In my effort to get the cardi exactly right (unlike most of my knitting) I frogged the left front about a dozen times trying to make sure the buttonhole and three needle shoulder join were perfect – well, after wrestling with the damn thing for days, I finally had it all joined up, only to discover that I had LEFT OUT the button hole! How dumb can one person be! I refused to undo the whole thing again, so ended up crotcheting a loop to go over the button. This is a beautiful cardi for a baby as it doesn’t sit right up under the chin. I haven’t worked out how to link back to an earlier post, but the pattern is from Pipsqueaks (post of 17/2/07) and I used Zara. Note the way the sleeve is folded up – that’s to hide the mess I made of the seam! C’est la vie where I’m concerned. It’s the thought that counts! I still can’t preview, so again, forgive any typos.

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