Thank You and Questions Answered

I’ve been very remiss in responding to comments and questions left on my blog and want to play catch-up.

First of all, Roxie asked what PROBUS is – it’s an organisation for PROfessional and BUSiness people who have retired – an off shoot of Rotary, except that there is no fund-raising or “good works” involved – people meet for fellowship and recreation. There are male, female and mixed groups. Grandpa Flea belongs to a male only group. He has a committee meeting once a month (he always gets involved in organising things), has a PROBUS meeting once a month with a guest speaker (partners are invited to these a couple of times a year), an outing once a month to all sorts of interesting places (partners go on these), and a day walk once a month (partners go too). Twice a year there is a bus trip away for 5 or 6 days (partners go too). So while Grandpa Flea is busy with PROBUS he is not at home organising me, so I enjoy it too!

Next, thank you to everyone who has commented on my possum pals and expressed concern for their welfare when we move. I will certainly take up the suggestions to leave the new owners a note asking them to start a blog with photos – and I’ll let you know if they do (that is, if they let me know). I have started a folder for them with guarantees, instruction books etc and I’ll add a possum page. So, Roxie, Carson, Kate, Willow, and Celia I hope that is reassuring.

Thank you, also, to everybody for the advice and words of reassurance about the move and the process of packing up. I appreciate it. Also to Roxie, Kate and Willow for the stash and UFO comments! There are certainly more UFOs yet to be confessed ….

The rare and unusual sighting of a FO brought a lot of very lovely comments and suggestions about a suitable closure. I think I’ll have to finish a few more things! So thank you Janette, Roxie, Carson, Kate, Willow, Lynne and Sandra. The pattern was from Patons Book 1253, for size 2 – 10 years, “Zhivago for Kids”. I knitted a size 10 as Ms 11 is quite skinny and my tension is a bit loose (the word “swatch” is in a language I don’t understand!). The book looks like this (excuse the poor quality, blurry image!): Also a correction – I said in my last post (since corrected) that the yarn was a wool/tencel mix. It is in fact, 50% acrylic and 50% tencel.

Last, but not least, thank you to Roxie and Dodi Raz for your comments on my David Hicks rant. I feel very strongly about this issue.

Blogger won’t let me preview this post, so I’m sending off as is – please overlook the typos etc.

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