Chapter 2: Confessions of a Serial UFOer

At last, a UFO which is nearing completion – as I knit the edging I keep breaking into that Johnny Cash song – And the Road Goes on Forever!. I still have about a quarter of the edging to do, but it’s not the edging shown in the pattern photo – it’s off another jacket in the same book.

This jacket is for Ms Just 11 – I know she’ll love it (provided it fits) because when I asked her what colour she’d like, she said “Grandma Flea, it doesn’t really matter because I love everything you choose for me …” and my heart nearly broke with love for her. She is a special little Flea, our first grandchild, born the day after Grandpa Flea came out of an extended hospital stay for his bowel cancer operation. She was the “light at the end of the tunnel”. I hope to have this one finished in the next few days so that I can post it to her.


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