40 years of memories …

It’s hard to believe, but our house has sold and now we have to condense 40 years of accumulated junk into a much smaller home! I’m very pleased, but every now and again (5 minute intervals!) I get the heebie jeebies about how much there is to be done, will I be able to live in close proximity to other people? (I hope so), will I miss the possums (YES!), the birds (YES!) and the echidna (YES!), a couple of the neighbours (YES!). We have 12 weeks before settlement which helps. Our stuff has to go into storage for a couple of months so we’ll be living out of suitcases for a while. Theoretically our new place should be finished by the end of August, but I doubt it will be ready then. We are going to India in mid September, so we’ll potentially not be able to move in until mid-October on our return. Once we’re actually homeless, I’ll feel better – it’s just the thought of it … some people are never happy!!

The other day one of the possums had a bit of a stretch and left two little toes peeping over the hole. I just love how much detail it’s possible to see with a photo – I could never get this close to little possum toes, and if I did, they’d probably be moving very quickly in the opposite direction! Although we built the box according to the specifications from WIRES you can see where the possums have been gnawing the wood to make the hole a better size.

I’ve had a knitting week so far – went to the Guild yesterday and quite enjoyed the morning – we had a spinning demonstration, but I couldn’t manage the treadle with my two bad knees (my “bad” knee, which is still visiting the physio twice a week is now my better knee . I’d post a photo of the bruise on my “used to be good” knee, except that I haven’t waxed my legs for a long, long time! I’m not vain, though!!). Today I had an enjoyable lunch and lots of chatting with Janette and then a very productive wander around the shops (I love helping other people spend their money). Tomorrow is Cherryhills knitting group and we are having a birthday celebration with cake and champagne and probably very little knitting. It should be fun. Perhaps I’ll post some knitting content next time (but don’t hold your breath!).


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