Scrabbling Around ….

This is my excuse for not posting for some days – the “new” home that we are moving to, and the need to sell our current home of 40 years (how can I be that old!). Our unit is the one on the right as you look at the sign. There are two in the front and nine behind.

I asked permission of the two men working on the site to post their photos on this blog – I promised them fame and stardom and of course they both agreed! This young man is working in “our” new garage.

I didn’t worry about asking Grandpa Flea’s permission – he looks very happy and proprietorial standing in “his” new car space.

This is the head honcho in the block laying department. The builder tells us that he is an expert and that his skills are highly in demand. The walls for the garage are nearly finished and once the suspended concrete floor is poured, the frame should go up in no time.

This is a kitchen in one of the other units – I’m not sure yet whether we will have the same colour scheme or something different.

I am glad Janette declined my invitation to hold her breath in anticipation of my next post which would be about knitting …. my excuse is that we have been very busy trying to keep the house clean and TIDY while it is on the market. We are surrounded by large eucalypts and various other trees. Eucalypts are supposedly evergeen, but in reality they shed copious amounts of leaves all year round, and bucketloads of blossom and gumnuts in spring and summer. Every day we need to sweep the driveway, patio and deck so that we appear to live a tidy life in a natural environment, every day I need to make the beds (darn, now you know I don’t always do it!!), unpack the dishwasher, clean the mirror in the bathroom, not hang the washing on the line, but manage to miraculously dry it anyhow (you can see the clothes line as you walk up the front steps),etc etc, and every night I need to bring the cyclamens inside, off the balcony or the possums eat all the leaves. Then in the morning I need to put them out again … Yesterday I had moved the two kettles with pineapples growing in them, so the large pot of red cyclamens would have centre stage on the outdoor table – and today, I discovered that the possums had been trying to eat the pineapple leaves … fortunately for both the plants and the possums, they hadn’t eaten too much – I think the leaves were too tough.

For the last few days I have intended to photograph ALL my UFOs and post them, so there would be evidence that I DO knit – but each day something has gotten in the way – today I was racing inside to get the phone and in my haste, fell UP the step onto my (used to be) good knee. It now feels as though I have done some terrible damage to it, whilst my BAD knee, which has been responding to twice weekly physio, seems like a two year old’s by comparison. C’est la vie!

We had our first “open for inspection” day last Saturday after a number of weeks without advertising and “by appointment” inspections. We had a few people come back several times to look at the house, but no offers. However, people who had looked at the house twice before, and had arranged a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, indicated to the agent on Saturday that they were going to see their solicitor today with a view to buying! Until they actually sign on the dotted line we are not getting over-excited, but it’s looking hopeful. The good news is, that if they buy, they are the sort of people who will appreciate the wildlife and not pull down the possum boxes. Speaking of possums – a few more possums for your enjoyment. There were two in the tree near the feeding tray last night – one up the top, looking very hopefully down at the other:

And one hanging on to the tree and greedily eating the apple peel we had put out.

Monday seems to have turned into Scrabble day – you know, that game with all the little letters on tiles …. I hated it when the fleas were little, but on my recent trip to Ballina, I started playing with some other “500” widows and fell in love with the game – and now we are continuing to play every other Monday afternoon or so, leaving the Scrabble widowers to amuse themselves! I feel an overwhelming desire to read the dictionary in bed at night – and do I need to! One of our Scrabblers was born in Malaysia and has only been in Australia for ten years or so – she often asks for clarification of not-so-common word meanings – and it’s unbelievable how many times it’s a word that we might use in our speech quite appropriately, but have absolutely no solid idea of its dictionary definition! Needless to say, I can’t think of an example right now. English as a second language is not a major disadvantage for our friend – she is an excellent player, and has a very competitive spirit when it comes to snaffling those triple word scores!

No Knitters’ Guild yesterday – too busy, and no Cherryhills group tomorrow as we have to see the solicitor about the sale of the house! And tomorrow afternoon I will be seeing my friend the physio and asking his opinion about my once GOOD now BAD knee!

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