Wildlife Wednesday ………

While we were away, we saw this fruit bat colony – there were hundreds of them. Someone else had walked in closer to take some photos and they were screeching and flapping around.

The bats are often called flying foxes, and these cropped photos show why – the males (I think) have beautiful russet brown fur. I love the way they fold themselves up under their wings. This bat was settling itself after flying from another tree. Their wings make me think of leather and it’s easy to imagine Batman hanging from a tree too! Though I’m not so sure about Robin!

Last, but not least, is our old friend the pelican – a wonderful bird is the pelican; its beak can hold more than its belly can! Do you remember that rhyme from childhood? If you are able, bring this photo up to full screen – the larger it is, the more unreal the proportions become – I’m absolutely fascinated by the size of this bird’s beak – and that beady eye – following me wherever I go!

That’s it for today. Carson I’m glad that you enjoy the wildlife photos – I hope you are feeling better – and thank you for your kind words about my knee. Thank you also Roxie – and a big thank you for the wonderful photos you sent me of the juncas – what beautiful little birds.


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