ECHIDNA!! at last ….

At last blogger will let me upload. Thank you Kate for your advice – but the problem was a total absence of the “Done” button! I sent an email to Blogger this morning, and either it alerted them to a problem, or it fixed itself. As you said – what a waste of precious time.

So here are the photos of my friend the ECHIDNA! – they look overexposed despite having been fiddled with, but as I said before, ANY photo of an echidna is better than none. Unfortunately he has a twig across his face in all the snaps, but I couldn’t move it, lest he took off. I don’t know how the photos will look on Blogger – the preview mode is not the same as the real thing, but when I bring the first one up on the screen, you can see particles of dirt around his nose. I love this ECHIDNA! For some reason I know he is a boy and I have named him ERIC. I am so excited – still – to have seen him.

The wildlife around here is the thing I will miss most when we move. The place we are buying will have a coutyard with the usual suspects – camellias etc – all very easycare and ordinary. At least the developer has agreed to plant me a herb garden as part of the landscaping – and before I finish I hope to have a lemon and a lime tree included. He has a design vision for this complex and everything has to conform. Once we’ve paid for it and moved in, I guess we can do whatever we like – if we can muster the energy!.

In the last photo below, Eric the ECHIDNA! is snuffling around collecting ants from under the rock.

Thank you Janette, Roxie, , Carson and Kate for your comments on the last couple of posts.

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