I can’t wait for Wildlife Wednesday to show you ….

…. or at least I couldn’t. But Blogger has other ideas – ” patience is a virtue” the little man inside the machine is saying (only a man would behave this way!) as he happily agrees to upload my images and then EATS THEM!

The reason for my excitement, I hear you ask with bated breath – it is the ECHIDNA! – the one that all my neighbours have seen but which constantly eludes me.

Today, as I was playing computer potato, lounging around, getting my virtual exercise by surfing the net, I kept hearing something moving in the bush outside. Usually the noises are made by blue-tongued lizards or skinks, but after listening for a while it became clear that this noise belonged to something else. It wasn’t a snake (I can recognise that sound at 50 paces); it was too heavy, slow and deliberate for a skink; yet it seemed to be too active for a blue-tongue. It was too early in the day to be a possum. The only thing I could come up with was a goanna – and I haven’t seen a goanna around here for at least thirty years. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me – I looked out the window to see the ECHIDNA!, right below me. In the time it took to call Grandpa Flea, grab the camera and get outside, it had snuffled its way up along the side of the house and was searching for ants under a large rock on the edge of the bush. BLOGGER! It was hard to get a good photo there without frightening it off – but any photo of an ECHIDNA! is better than none.

I would say ENJOY! except that the little man is still declining to accept my photos. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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