Wildlife Wednesday ………

We have had a pretty wild life this week … lots of visitors of the animal and insect variety (heaven forbid a human should come here…). These rather cocky cockatoos look very pretty and ARE very pretty (striking might be a better word) but when I see them arrive I start running around the deck, waving brooms and encouraging them to GO! NOW! because they are very destructive birds in the human world. They love to sharpen their beaks (?? or at least that’s the only reason I can think of) by pecking and pulling at pieces of wood – and our house has a lot of timber in it. In the bush (and garden) they create havoc by breaking twigs and sometimes quite large branches off trees – apparently just for the fun of it – I don’t mind that, it’s their world too – but I get very anxious when they take a fancy to our house, as we have a lot of timber in it.

By contrast, the crimson rosellas that visit are very timid and shy birds. The cockatoos have a very loud raucous call (shriek!), but the crimson rosellas have a beautiful, musical piping call. They always visit in pairs. Over Christmas and early in the year we had a pair that came every day. They became quite friendly and would land on the railing of the deck and call to get our attention and some seed. But we must have gone away for a few days and we haven’t seen them since. The pair that have been coming this week are very timid – hence a single one in the photo.

The rainbow lorikeets often travel in a large flock, but this pair have been going solo – talk about lovebirds! They sound just like budgerigars when they are de-miting each other and having a little love-in as in this photo. They are not timid birds and will take food from your hand once they know you. Some years if we feed them more often, they’ll fly down and land on your hand as you take a piece of fruit out to the feeding tray!

The last visitor was a dragonfly – they are the most beautiful insects and this was a very large one – waiting outside the backdoor on a hanging basket. When I saw it, I dumped the washing basket! and raced in to get the camera – however it took exception to having a camera thrust up its nose and flew away.

Fortunately, it didn’t go far and I was able to follow it around taking far too many photos, trying to catch the vivid colouring of its eyes and body, and the detail of the lacework and beautiful shine of its transparent wings.

The photos don’t do justice to its colouring, but I was very pleased to get them.

So much for a knitting blog. I seem to have lost my knitting mojo (I have no idea what a mojo is, but that seems to be the word to use. I feel like a kid who has just discovered a new word at school and is trying it out at home – please tell me if it’s an unsuitable word for a granny – I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself more than I usually do!!) Getting broadband wasn’t such a good idea – I seem to spend all my time reading knitting blogs and not doing any knitting!

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