Day 57 – I’m not ready for autumn ….

Autumn used to be my favourite time of year because the weather is usually cooler and we don’t get the winds that invade spring. I love the cooler days and crisper nights, getting out my slippers again and reaching for the hot water bottle at bedtime.

The first of March marks the start of autumn in Australia, and a few days ago I had thought that the leaves of the Ginko biloba were starting to change, then convinced myself that I was imagining it. But the first yellow leaf fell from the mulberry tree today – a poor, lonely thing on the ground. And suddenly I realised that I’m not ready for autumn – but is it the season I’m not ready for, or this stage of life? I’ll be 63 this year and am very conscious that both my parents died “young” – 69 and 70. If I follow in the family footsteps that gives me just six or seven years to do all the things that I’ve left undone. Perhaps that explains the obsession I’ve had with numbering the blog days – mmm – I’ll have to give that one some thought.

Oh well, enough! Looking on the bright side – literally – I heard the rainbow lorikeets making a great fuss outside, this morning. Usually they only make that sort of noise when they have found a hapless possum outside in a tree in daylight (possums are nocturnal).

Sure enough, the lorikeets were prowling around one of the possum boxes, scolding, peering inside and generally disturbing the possum’s slumber. In this photo you can see the possum having a bit of a scratch while one VERY cranky lorikeet scolds me for taking a photo!

Being laid low with “the cold”, I’ve not had much enthusiasm for anything including knitting, so have limited myself to finishing another African jumper – knitted in plain red as I started it on the trip to Bundeena last week and didn’t want to cart two balls of yarn around – and a couple of dishcloths – these latter in a vain attempt to use up some of the mountain of yarn that lives here. By the way, thank you Janette and Roxie for you get well wishes – and permission to whine! That brought a smile to my face! Little did Roxie know I’d get all morbid instead!


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