Day 48 – Question 3: Why is it always ME?

Question 3: Why is it always ME??

Does anyone remember that plaintive cry from the children when asked to do ANYTHING along the lines of taking out the garbage, packing up the table, wiping up etc? Well, today I reached a milestone – I KNEW I must be old and declining into my second childhood when I wanted to shout “WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME????”.

And what, I hear you say, could have prompted this usually very calm (well, sometimes) and reasonable person to descend into such childish ways? – the blogging computer of course!! When I turned on today, instead of rebooting, there was some sort of message involving the word “PANIC” and no activity – there continued to be no activity when I rang Apple, as most of the process involved waiting for very long periods while a dinky little circle thing ran around in circles on the screen ………. I should have had my knitting with me. Eventually the problem was solved by reloading all the software – joy of joys.

So, dear friends in cyberspace, I shall reveal to you, the secret of life, just as I imparted this very special knowledge to the Fleas as they were growing up – the answer is this :” LIFE ISN’T FAIR and it’s time you accepted this fact and stopped complaining!”. Just as well I took my own advice and am now a happy little vegemite once again.

I keep seeing “Saturday skies” on other people’s blogs – so thought I’d join in – hope that’s okay, or are the sky police going to get me? I’m scared. If I never blog again, you’ll know what happened.

The beautiful deep blue Australian summer sky – I love it so much. Whenever I’m overseas I miss that blue, along with the blue-green of the eucalyptus trees. I had often read that Australian painters fell in love with the light in Europe – and wondered how could that be? But the first time I went to the UK I knew at once what they were talking about – the softness of the light, pink skies at midday, misty hills covered in the soft pink heather – it was all so different. And, wonder of wonders, the trees that I disliked so much here, the ones with a very bright, verging on a yellow-limey-green, foliage, looked absolutely beautiful set against the soft colours of the English countryside and sky. I still dislike those trees in Australia.

As I have no new knitting photos to display, I’ll amuse you again with another of my “Knitting Around the World” collection:

This photo was taken in a wonderful yarn shop in Ketchikan, Alaska (I can’t remember the name). I fell in love with it – didn’t buy any yarn – but got to feel Lorna’s Lace for the first time, and remembered the Mariposa shawl knitted in a soft green bamboo for the future. I did buy some necklaces though – one was silver with lapis lazuli blueberries and the other had a quaint silver octopus pendant. I’ll add photos at another time (code for when I can find them in the mess in my drawer!).

Happy knitting.


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