Day 42 – Question 2

This post has been in draft mode for a while, waiting for some photos – which leads me to: QUESTION 2: how do all you bloggers out there get the time to read all the blogs on your “Blogs I read” lists? let alone do your own blogging?

Answer: Beats me! I have had broadband for about two weeks now – I used the entire download allowance in the first week – developed a wonky knee and hip from sitting at the computer all day (and night) – got next-to-no-knitting done, did absolutely no housework (boo hoo!) and read thousands, well, maybe a hundred or so, blogs. Each blog leads to another – it’s an infinite regress – I’m trapped in a never-ending cycle and can’t get out – HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!

Speaking of blogs – I stumbled across an amazing blog – Yarnstorm – the photography and use of colour are amazing. Check it out if you get a chance.

It’s hard to believe. but it’s raining again here. It started two nights ago and after petering out has been honouring us with quite heavy downpours, alternating with drizzle. The best news is, that there have been some falls in the catchment area for our drinking water. I hope it continues. So far we have had no more leeches in the house – and no, Roxie, they don’t climb on the furniture like spiders – just across the ceiling and floor. Poor old Grandpa Flea had one drop off the ceiling onto him while he was in bed . He felt an irritation in the corner of his eye – and it was a leech, just about to attach. He was a bit put out about it! As I said before – the joys of wildlife!

Today we went down to see the hole where our new home will be:

Well (no pun intended), it has been raining! The builder assures us that the drainage (yet to be installed) will cope with future rainy days – we hope! It looks like they will pour the slab in the next week, weather allowing. Now all we have to do is sell our house so we can afford to pay for it!

I went to the Craft Show at Rosehill with a friend, Nunel, on Friday. I know Janette was out of there in an hour, but we arrived before the doors opened and left when they closed! Of course, there was some time out for coffee, lunch, gossip and putting our feet up. It was a much smaller show than I’d imagined – Janette gives a good round-up of what was there. Nunel and I are not focussed – we spent hours looking at beads which we rarely use,, vintage buttons which I love, cross-stitch for Nunel, and needle felting, amongst other things. I came home with a needle felting kit (I’ve already broken the needles), some heavy duty cotton to use for a button necklace if I can work out how to do it, some button backs to turn old buttons into pendants or earrings, and five buttons which I don’t need but liked.

At the beginning of the year I intended to knit from the project a day calendar, as lots of the small things looked good for street stalls for The Shack but so far I’ve only done one thing, an angora scarf that turned out a lot smaller than in the pattern. But then again, I wasn’t using the recommended yarn, but a Wendy angora I’ve had stashed away for years. The scarf is very cute – I think I’ll give it to one of the little fleas and knit another larger one out of mohair for The Shack. There is no way I’d buy angora for a street stall – people want bargains and won’t pay a realistic price. How inadequate can one person feel – I’d love to have the eye for colour and design that Yarnstorm has – I’ll keep trying!

I have started Lucky from Pipsqueaks and have finished the back, two fronts and am on the sleeves. It is a very quick knit, but I think I’ve knitted it once too often – there’s only so much moss stitch a girl can do ….. but it is a great pattern for tiny people – the button does up below the chin, so they don’t have wool irritating them, especially when they have a little chuck-up. And the Zara is beautiful to knit with.

Eloise is still on the back-burner and Annie Blatt’s …….. blocking.

Well, it is now Day 46 and at this rate the draft will never see the light of day – so, as someone once said (any idea who?): PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED.


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