Day 37 – It’s Raining – Leeches!!

A couple of hours ago thunder and lightning started and then came the rain! Not a lot, but it wet the ground and rainwater seems to revive plants in a way that chlorinated water doesn’t. Along with the rain came the leech – since we have had so many possums around, we have been getting the odd leech in the house when it rains (that’s the only reason I can think of to explain 35 years or so without a leech and an influx since we’ve had possum boxes around). Grandpa Flea has just had a tiny one on his wrist, and is bleeding like the proverbially “stuck pig”. Ah, the joys of wild life …

Knitting group today at Cherryhills – it was good to see the group again and to catch up on what has been knitted over January. I came home with three balls of Zara in a pale blue to knit a baby jacket from Pipsqueaks (a Rowan book) – I was going to post a photo from the book – but can’t find it! And I wanted to cast on tonight! My chiropracter is having her first baby and I want to have it finished for her before she goes on leave. Guess I’ll have to battle Annie Blatt a bit longer. I love Pipsqueaks – I have knitted so many things from it over the last five or six years.

I was roving around the internet tonight and made a terrible discovery – Grumperina and The Knitting Curmudgeon ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON! My apologies to each of you. I have removed the offending reference. I was sure that I had read in Grumperina’s blog somewhere that she had posted previously under the other name – I was devastated when The Knitting Curmudgeon seemed to disappear from the internet and had a bit of trouble reconciling the two writing styles when she “reappeared” under another name – okay, so someone now tell me they are the same person and I can feel doubly foolish!!

My apologies again.

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