Day 34 – It’s Raining – Rain & Broadband!

Can you believe, it rained yesterday! and I got connected to broadband! Of course all good things have a down side – it took me ALL day on the phone with the techs to get my connection working and then it threw me off last night at 1.00am (wh should go to bed earlier) and I’ve been on the phone all morning – mainly on hold -listening to music designed to drive you to drink – until I got reconnected again. Ahhh – the elctronic age – it saves soooooo much time – not.
Here is a photo -at last – of the baby jumpers I have been knitting If you look carefully, you can see one of our possum boxes in the tree behind. We love the wildlife around here, but I have the crankies with the possums at the moment – the bigger brushtails have kicked the ringtails out of all the possum boxes, and the ringtails are more vulnerable than the brushtails. To add insult to injury, one of the brushtails has taken up residence under the house in the space between the floor of the study and the ceiling of the bathroom. AND not only that, I got up one morning recently to discover that my beautiful cyclamen pink cyclamen (Ha! work that one out) which lives on the table on the deck, was sitting there with all the flowers intact, but every single leaf eaten off – just bare stems surrounding the flowers! It looked very funny. Back to the baby jumpers – the knitting group I attend at Cherryhills has been producing dozens of these jumpers to go to Africa. Someone’s mother’s church group asked for help, so superwomen flew into action.

Annie Blatt’s pattern is still giving me lots of problems – I admit to being spatially challenged – refer back to the school uniform disasters – I admit to reading a paragraph of a pattern and knitting 10 rows with a line of bobbles on the 6th – then discovering the next row says: AT THE SAME TIME INCREASE blah blah blah. Even acknowledging these deficiencies on my part, THE PATTERN IS BLOGGING CONFUSING!!

So I’m still tetchy.

Just for you, Roxie:

This is a large birdsnest fern that grew (self sown) under the airconditioner outlet at home – it obviously thrives with the constant drip of moisture.

By contrast, here’s a photo of a tree fern that has been severely burnt off in the all the hot weather we’ve been having:

Also a photo of one of my my bromeliads that has survived the hot weather in relatively good condition because it’s in a pot out of the sun: .Don’t ask me why my photos are all over the place in relation to the text – I”VE ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT I”M SPATIALLY CHALLENGED and TETCHY!

Ms 4 year old Flea is arriving at 2.30pm (it’s now 12.10) for a sleepover and we are having people for lunch tomorrow. Not a bed is made, including the little Flea’s which is still stripped from the last Flea invasion, not a dish is washed, not a cake is made, not a chicken thigh has been marinated, not a dip has been made,and not a thing has been hung on the line (probably will need rewashing because i t’s so steamy and washing smells very quickly if not dried straight away- so much for the water conservation drive) and there’s nothing decided for tea tonight. Sounds like someone has tied me to a chair in front of a computer screen and said “FIDDLE YOUR LIFE AWAY, FOOL”. On the upside though, Ms 4 loves her mama – and Grandma Flea doesn’t score it for a kiss or a cuddle when mama’s there. BUT when we have sleepovers, I’m very popular and get lots of juicy little wet kisses on the cheek and heaps of cuddles. I feel better already.

Conscious as I am of throwing many punctuation and grammar stones at those other people who DON’T CARE about our language, I am also conscious that I live in a glass house and do VERY occasionally slip up myself. Of course it’s NOT MY FAULT- oh no – (I learnt this one off Grandpa Flea – Mr Infallible!) – any mistake is the result of a typo!! So my apologies to my fellow grammar police out there.

Peace to the world – in my dreams of course.

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