Day 30 – I Forgot Our Wedding Anniversary!

I have NEVER forgotten our wedding anniversary – but today I did. As Grandpa Flea rarely remembers it, it was not such a disaster, but I can’t believe that I forgot. 42 years married might explain it and I have had a lot of other things on my mind.

Good news – today I signed up for broadband – it will take about two weeks for the modem etc to arrive, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I finished another little jumper for Africa when we were travelling – they look really cute in the bright colours. Annie Blatt is no easier than before – I discovered last night that, despite careful measuringand counting, one front is longer than the other – you know what happens next – creative blocking! I’ve unpulled it too many times to do it again. I’ll start the two sleeves tonight and with a bit of luck will finish the cardi by the end of the week. Then I’ll have to go back to Eloise or it will finish up as a permanent UFO. I have just tried to upload some photos but it is taking forever so it will have to wait until our broadband starts.

We have a meeting with the builder later in the week to finalise our contract for the townhouse. The year will go quickly, but I wish it were already built (hope the tense is correct – people in glass houses and all that …). We have taken our house off the market over the hottest part of summer but the pressure will be on to get it sold before our new place is finished – otherwise I’ll be putting out a call for food parcels!

Our garden is looking soooo bad – I think we will lose at least two tree ferns this summer – they are all self sown, and have all prospered until last summer when we lost a couple in the heat. Every time we go away we lose something in the garden – this last four day absence meant we missed the watering day and it coincided with very hot weather. There is not much we can do about it.

I’m glad you didn’t mind the rant, Roxie – I’m not as tetchy today, but still not happy about the state of the world.


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