Day 29 – Question 1

My last post had been in draft mode for days – how can one person in a 2 person household have so little time? Answer: dial-up internet. When we got a new computer (12 months ago) we were planning to move to a place with cabling in place so persisted with dial-up. Twelve months later we are still planning to move, but I’ve decided to lash out and get a new modem so I can get broadband – I don’t enjoy spending hours in front of the screen waiting for things to download and it leaves so little time for other things I’d rather do. So in a week or two …

We have just had four days visiting Grandpa Flea’s brother and his wife in Temora – a NSW country town. The drought is very bad all over NSW and I was shocked to see how little livestock was around – the few cattle I saw were skin and bone and being hand fed. We did pass a a couple of flocks of sheep that looked to be in good condition. None of the farm dams we passed had any water in them and the crops that did survive gave very low/poor quality yields. The paddocks were eaten down to the bare earth and we saw quite a number of willy-willies taking the red topsoil away. We’ve had bad droughts before – I can remember them from my childhood – but combined with climate change, this one is very scary, for the cities as well as the country. Australia is one of the driest continents on earth and we are fast running out of water – one of the cousins-in-law was telling us that she took her family to a caravan park in another small country town in the school holidays and they were told to bring their own water with them, as the town is trucking water in.

My question is this (as the politicians are fond of saying): the average person in the street has been concerned about climate change for years -so why have the governments been in denial for all that time? Meanwhile the pollies are all running around telling us we won’t have to drink recycled water. I can’t believe that they can be so short sighted – ignoring the long term needs of the country for their own short term power trips. Country people have always drunk recycled water – treated sewage goes into the rivers and the towns downstream use those same rivers for their drinking water. Current membrane technology delivers water that is far cleaner than the water we drank when I was a child in a country town.

As you can see, I’m feeling a mite tetchy – don’t get me started on the incarceration of David Hicks for five years without charges being laid against him; the use of “extraordinary rendition” by the US government with the full knowledge and complicity of our government; the failure of our Attorney-General to admit that sleep deprivation is a form of torture; or, for that matter, the invasion of Iraq – to mention only a few gripes. It puts my difficulty with Annie Blatt patterns into perspective.

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps I’ll post on knitting.

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