Day 8 – I’m laughing

Roxie always makes me laugh! – even when I feel blah – less blah than yesterday. We did see kangaroos on a golf course recently (as we were driving by, not chasing a funny little ball with dimples around) but we have none in our neighbouhood; we do have flying foxes in the neighbour’s huge mulberry tree when it’s fruiting and they crap all over the car and the washing when I leave it on the line overnight; yesterday when I was watering the same neighbour’s plants (NOT the said muberry tree) I saw an enormous fat blue tongue lizard – I swear it was 2 feet long – maybe more – maybe as big as that fish that got away – I didn’t know they grew that big. We haven’t seen them around for years (as the neighbourhood has become more populated and there have been more cats around). We do currently have a possum living between the ceiling of the bathroom and the floor of the bedroom above – although I swear it moves into the wall cavity some days. We hear it scratching itself. I think it has a baby. The other night we had two mothers with babies on their backs prowling around the house (outside, thank you). And yesterday I had a noisy miner (bird) wander into the house off the deck, crap on the dining room chair then proceed to get agitated because it couldn’t fly through the glass windows. Eventually I was able to shepherd it out. But the really big wildlife news of the neighbouhood is that two echidnas have been spotted wandering around – once in my yard (while my neighbour was watering MY garden – damn); once at that neighbour’s and once by other neighbours – I’m the only person who hasn’t seen them. We have lived here for forty years and this is the first time that they have been seen – maybe it suggests that the termites are increasing – most houses have had some problems with them. We also have rainbow lorikeets, sulphur crested cockatoos, eastern rosellas, crimson rosellas, very occasional black cockatoos and today I saw five gang-gangs (another type of cockatoo – very pretty with grey tipped black feathers and some brilliant red markings) do a fly by in formation while I was having my breakfast on the deck. We usually only see gang gangs when there is a drought – which there is at present and has been for a long time.

It’s past my lunch time – I shall leave you in suspense about Baby Flea and her Dada.


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