Day 7 – Little Flea

Yesterday we babysat the littlest Flea (4) while her Mama and Dadda had a very upmarket lunch to celebrate Dadda’s birthday – ?52. I can never remember ages – not even my own children’s. (That apostrophe nearly got me). They arrived home with a computer – a PC, so once they have it up and running I might be able to post photos from there. Apparently OSX is a known “issue” to Blogspot. In the meantime I’ll try on our old computer which has an earlier operating system but in all respects is a very sick girl.

I have now finished 3 more baby jumpers for Africa and started a fourth, but will have to give some time to Eloise before I can indulge myself with the little projects in the Knitting Calendar.

The weather in Sydney is crazy at present – yesterday it was blistering hot and the forecast was for more of the same today, but it is overcast and very mild. Usually our summers have days of hot weather followed by a cool change for a few days then hot again. This year we have been having very hot and very cold (relatively of course) – we’ve even had several nights where it was cold enough to put a heater on!

This is a blah entry – I have been feeling very blah with nothing to say for a few days now , so am signing off to do some blah housework – it might perk me up a bit. Or maybe I should indulge myself by starting a new knitting project. Do stop by again – I’m not always like this!.

Happy knitting.
PS – Lucia – I love your blog

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