Day 4 – Life as I knew it …

Well, Janette was not joking when she said that my life would never be the same again – these blog things take up so much time frustration – (1) I can’t load photos – a common problem according to the “Help Group”. (2) It takes hours to browse around other peoples’ blogs (because I don’t have broadband yet) and (3) updating each day is time comsuming. Even worse is that I like writing the wretched thing! Perhaps I’ll change to an “author only read” blog and just use it as a diary. But that still doesn’t solve 1,2 or 3!

Thank you for your postcard Janette – the holiday sounds really good. And thank you Shelley for stopping by – I’d love to visit New Foundland one day – it’s on my (long) list of places to go.

My “incentive list” has done nothing to curb my eating – I nearly called it the “humiliation list” as it is meant to go down, not up! I thought that logging my progress publicly might help my motivation, but guess what – it hasn’t worked. Still, tomorrow is another day … so long as it’s not like today with a very long lunch with friends who cooked all sorts of yummy things including hand-made chocolates (and we all know it’s rude to refuse to try things, don’t we?)

Yesterday I managed to buy some more acrylic for the baby jumpers for Africa and finished the one on the needles. I think they’ll be a constant companion this year. They are good mindless knitting for in the car etc. I’ve also done a few more squares for a blanket in Caressa yarn that I started in a vain attempt to make my stash look smaller. It’s also mindless. Eloise is still bubbling along – I’ve nearly finished the second front and still have two sleeves to do. It won’t take long. By the time it’s finished I might be able to put photos up – blogs without photos are not much fun. I still haven’t located the angora for the calendar scarf but might be able to do some of the loop stitch floral pins with the yarn that is findable.

Happy knitting.

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