Day One of the New Year

… and I hope it is a happy one for you. I am not making any New Year’s resolutions this year because I ALWAYS break them. We had a quiet New Year’s Eve and are following the same pattern for today – other than a potential buyer for our house arriving with ten minutes notice – the very day I hadn’t made the beds, done the dishes from the night before etc etc. – you’ve never seen anyone move so fast!

I have just tried to post a photo, but that seems to be a problem – maybe because I have a Mac. Does anyone out there have an answer? I’ve looked at the” Help” section but it seems to suggest I need a Google toolbar which is not compatible with a Mac. I’ll keep fiddling with it.

I did quite a lot of knitting on Eloise last night, and just a little frogging – mainly because I was watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and forgot to stop the ribbing and change to reverse stocking stitch; ditto with the first buttonhole. I still like to watch my knitting and only look at the TV at critical moments. Grandpa Flea is well trained and gives me a running commentary to alert me to things that I need to know eg “he just slipped poison in her drink”.

Roxie, your comment made me laugh – what does a 62 year old’s blog look like? It reminded me of a Michael Parkinson interview with Sally Field – when he said she didn’t look her age – she replied “well, that’s what 50 looks like these days”! How true. I guess if you’re not an Aussie you’re not familiar with the Ginger Meggs comics (rather old fashioned these days). Ginger’s mother was a large round woman, rather busty but shapeless with it and always wearing an apron – so like my grandmother that the artist could have used her as a model. But that was how grandmothers looked then (some of us still do!) – largish and shapeless or rather thin and angular. At least that what my memories are. Grannies (who crack the glass ceiling) these days seem to run corporations and wear designer suits. And if we can believe the TV ads (ha ha), after they have moved into a retirement village, they also ride Harley Davidsons and have romantic liaisons on the beach at sunset, champagne flute in hand. Aah – QUICK, I hear you say – book me into the nearest retirement village – NOW!
I can’t believe I’m normal – although you did say “might be” – my entire world view will have to be reoriented if I accept that premise. Thank you for your faith in me – but just remember the old one about “all the world is queer ‘cept me and thee”…
I’ll spend the next few hours pretending that I’m normal and see if it feels comfortable!

Happy New Year.

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