Every ending is a new beginning …

So another year has passed – where did it go? But this year’s ending is a first! – I decided some years ago to re-evaluate my many UFOs and WIPs once a year – they had become like monkeys on my back. So I ruthlessly (well, fairly ruthlessly) frogged everything that stood little chance of completion for whatever reason. It felt so good! But this year there is nothing that needs to be frogged! (apart from a few things that I hid earlier in the year so they didn’t annoy me). maybe I’m learning some discipline at last – it’s only taken 62 years!

Roxie, thanks for your encouragement – but I have to tell you that I’m the only person who could sew a school uniform kit together back to front, in a totally unsuitable smallest tension ever, spend hours unpicking it, in the process cutting the fabric which had to be darned later – and immediately doing the exact same thing! not once, but twice… maybe I’m not going senile after all – I was born that way!

Umma – your holiday sounds very restful – not! But it will settle down – now you’ve put your bed up – I’m sure! The weather in Sydney has been quite comfortable – overcast for part of the day, some sun and heat, and some RAIN- little children are hiding under their beds in fear and terror – the sky is falling! I’m looking forward to visiting Berry in July for the spinning and weaving day – I’ll probably arrange another bus trip down there for the knitting group and the Guild if enough people want to come. The other thing I’d like to do in 2007 is a weekend workshop at the rag rug place down that way somewhere – do you have any interest? Have a great holiday – I’ll see you at lunch when you return.

A very peaceful and happy New Year to everyone out there – if only we could wish the same for the world and think it might come true.


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