Born to knit ..

… or born to frog … you guessed it – I’m Queen of the Froggers. The Eloise that I so rashly frogged before all the good advice came pouring in … when I started to cast on last night to reknit, the penny dropped – I needn’t have frogged the whole lot – just down to the top of the very extensive ribbed section – if I had done that, then knitted an extra row – the band would have been on the right side after all ……. spatially challenged is a kind way of putting it. Fortunately the Blossom knits up very quickly. Your comments (Roxie’s the most recent) are making me laugh – I can see why blogging is so addictive!

Today I went to see “The Queen” and have lunch with some good friends I used to work with. We had a great day and all agreed that the movie should have been called “The Queen ‘n Di” – none of us had realised that it only covered the period immediately following Diana’s death. I’d love to know what Lizzie thought about it – and when Helen Mirren goes to Buckingham Palace on Lizzie’s invitation, will she be sent to the Tower or “Damed”?

Happy knitting.


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