Thank you for the warm welcome

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to blogland that you’ve given me. I’ve posted individual replies in the comments bit. We are currently trying to sell our house to move to a place more suited to our arthritic knees – in the process I’ve had to store most of my ENORMOUS stash away and hide all the other junk that normally clutters the house. I’ve quite fallen in love with living in a neat and clean house with the beds made! But (there’s always a but ..) I’ve stashed everything out of sight for the inspections (don’t open a cupboard door or it all falls on you) and I’ve carefully put my camera somewhere which is now quite irretrievable from the creaking memory banks – as soon as I find it I’ll post some photos of Eloise. As well as Eloise I’m also knitting funny little baby jumpers for babies born with AIDS in Africa. Someone in one of my knitting groups has a mother who belongs to a church group which is knitting/collecting them for a charity somewhere (note: this level of vague detail is typical of my life these days!) Apparently the poor little newborns go home wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm. The instructions are quite specific – follow the pattern exactly, use only acrylic and no pastels as they may never be washed. We take so much in our own lives for granted.


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